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SEO in its traditional form has changed rapidly since the release of Googles Penguin and Panda, we are now entering the world of “integrated online marketing” or as it is sometimes called “ Search Engine Optimisation ”.


We are now entering into a new era of integrated, full-service, content, creative, social, optimising and digital marketing agencies. SEO is far too limiting and very one dimensional.

Content runs supreme and the behavior of the new generation of internet users is, are hungry  for information and  will search across a number of different platforms to find what they are looking for.

It’s not cost effective or ethical to approach SEO in the same way that we used to. We need to integrate and distribute fresh and relevant content, building a presence on high quality, blogs and intermediary websites.

3 key principles for better internet visibility

  1. Content marketing. The principles of content remain the same as it always has but now we need to focus on the relevance of the content and the high value distribution channels.
  2. Building a community, no longer do we go out there to buy trust, we now need to earn the trust of the search engines. Google values natural links and they respect the time it takes to build a community be it human or spiders.
  3. Marketing to people, old SEO tactics marketed your website to robots were as now we focus on people. With the vast amount of information and technologies and changes in customer behavior now offers you this new opportunity. Our marketing approach is all about communicating and engaging with the consumer to build a network of loyal followers.